The Amazing T Core Fitness Trainer – Three Ab Crunch Machines in One

Late one night, I was watching an infomercial that was describing the wonderful benefits of the T Core Fitness Trainer, which is designed to strengthen body core, the abdominal muscles, and the obliques. I had long been searching for some type of abdominal exercise I could do in the house that would not require me to do any sit-ups, because of my lower back problems.

Reduces Neck and Back Strain

The infomercial suggested that I could use the machine to quickly improve my obliques, the upper abs, and the lower abs, along with strengthening my core in as little as six minutes every day. With its innovative design, it allows the user

to perform all their ab crunches while being seated. This reduces any shoulder and neck strain typically caused by using standard weight equipment to do crunches. I thought this was an answer to my problem, so I ordered it online and had it delivered to the house.

Adjustable Resistance Bands

When it arrived in the mail, it was bigger than I thought it would be, but I soon realized the power that it had. It comes with three resistance bands that when set in place provide 40, 80, and 120 pounds resistance. By adjusting the bands, it will provide an effective abdominal muscle burning workout quickly and efficiently.

I soon realized exactly how much of a complete workout I was getting at multiple levels. Because I am someone who exercises a lot, the first band adjusted to 40 pounds resistance was not difficult enough for me. However, when I adjusted the band to 80 pounds I could tell right away this was going to be an intense workout.

Unlike all the other muscle groups in the body, the abdominals and obliques can be worked out every day, because they do not get the ripping muscle damage that occurs in other muscle groups when lifting weights and working out. However, the T Core Fitness Trainer can really provide an amazing workout and, because I do it every day, my abdominal muscles get very sore.

“It is a great tool for women, especially if they cannot do crunches lying on the floor.” – Susan,

I had never had the experience of feeling cramps in my abdominal muscles before, and realized I needed to start to boost up my nutrients if I was going to continue working out the way I was. In a short period of time, I realized these T Core exercises were providing me the exact same results I would get using abdominal curls and repetitive s-t-ups.

Performed in the Upright Position

I use the T Core Fitness Trainer as a traditional crunch machine, sitting upright, which naturally targets my upper abs. I also use it as a leg raise that naturally targets my lower abs. And I use the side crunch that targets my obliques. All of the exercises are very effective, take just a few minutes every day, and provide amazing results.

“It is a great workout to do at home before bed. Great ab workout!” – Fire Medic,

I highly recommend the T Core Fitness Trainer to any man or woman who wants to achieve the same results I have in just the few months that I have had the machine. I suggest ordering it directly from the company, on their official website.

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